Monday, December 19, 2011

The dream lord, my revelation, my protections

June 26.
            Better.  Having no victuals to eat, took my gun, but found myself very weak.  However, I kill’d a she-goat and, with much difficulty, got it home and broiled some of it and ate.  I would fain have stewed it and made some broth, but had no pot.

June 27.
            The ague again, so violent I lay a-bed all day and neither ate nor drank.  I was ready to perish for thirst, so weak I had not strength to stand up or to get myself any water to drink.
            Prayed to God again, but was light-headed.  When I was not, I was so ignorant I knew not what to say.  I suppose I did nothing else for two or three hours till, the fit wearing off, I fell asleep and did not wake till far in the night.  When I awoke, I found myself much refreshed but weak and exceeding thirsty.  However, as I had no water in my whole habitation, I was forced to lie till morning, and went to sleep again.  In this second sleep I had this terrible dream.
           I thought I was sitting on the ground on the outside of my wall, where I sat when the storm blew after the earthquake, and I saw a thing rise from the sea beneath a great black cloud and light upon the shore.  He, for I somehow knew it to be male, was all over as dark as pitch and projected from him a terrible wrongness, so I could but just bear to look towards him.  His countenance was most inexpressibly dreadful, impossible for words to describe, with a beard of thick ropes of flesh, like those of a cuttel fish, and cold eyes that bit at the skin like winter wind.  When he stepped upon the shore with his broad feet the island trembled, just as it had done before in the earthquake, and all the air looked, to my apprehension, as if it had been fill’d with flashes of fire. 
            He had no sooner lighted upon the shore but his wrongness spread out across the island as ripples spread across a pool of water, and every hill became changed and every stone black and unnatural.  He moved forward towards me, and he did tower so high he looked down upon me and seem'd to cover leagues with each step.  When he came to a rising ground, still enormous at some distance, he spoke to me, or I heard a voice so terrible it is impossible to express the terror of it.  All I can say I understood was this...


  1. And, since I usually post on Mondays, I'm probably going to take the next two weeks off for the holidays. Or maybe I'll slip one in somewhere in the middle of the week...

  2. Is it wrong that I think Lego Cthulhu is SO CUTE?

  3. Lego Cthulhu gets all the ladies with his understated cuteness. ;)